Southern California Real Estate Investments

The Titan Pacific Group’s investments division was founded with the vision of bringing together a collaborative team of experienced real estate professionals dedicated to creating a portfolio of profitable investments through the execution of an opportunistic real estate investment strategy that is based on contrarian investment principals.


We are mindful and methodical about how we pursue, invest in, and create opportunity for our clients and investment partners. Our collaborative approach to investing combines some of the most innovative analytical (proprietary) tools with individualized input from some of the most experienced and well-researched investment professionals in the industry.

We have assembled a team of Partners with different yet complimentary real estate expertise / experience, each bringing high-caliber skills and deep industry relationships to investment deals. Our firm's Partners focus on producing profitable results, rather than on aggregating assets, and they drive each step of an investment's life-cycle from sourcing the deal, all the way through asset management and the eventual disposition of the property.

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Operating within the three primary investment categories below, our firm is focused on assembling and managing a balanced diversified portfolio of real estate investments. Our purpose is clear, we invest capital to improve the lives of our investors and their families. Combining innovative investment strategies, proprietary research tools, a seasoned senior management team, and a lot of hard work from some of the real estate industry's most passionate and talented professionals.

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The bedrock of it all is simple: we understand our investors. We know what they value and what they expect; not just as real estate investment managers, but as fiduciaries and partners.

It’s what makes us Titan Pacific.

Our 3 Primary Investment Categories

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Value-add multi-family properties


Commercial properties


Distressed properties