Our Team

We are an innovative, people-oriented, and client-focused organization. Our executive team is comprised of two experienced, well-trained, and highly-educated real estate professionals who are driven by a genuine passion for the industry and a steadfast commitment to client-service excellence.

We take great pride in delivering successful results for our clients and partners, and as we continue to grow the ranks of our sales and investments teams, we will ensure that our company culture never changes by being highly selective- adding only the most capable, committed, motivated, business-savvy professionals to the Titan Pacific Group.

The Titan Pacific Executive Team

omid yousofi

As Principal Partner of the Titan Pacific Group, Omid focuses on real estate purchase and sale transactions, and he also leads Titan Pacific's investment property acquisitions and real estate development activities.

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Milaad Forootan

Milaad is the Founding Partner of the Titan Pacific Group where he focuses on real estate purchase and sale transactions as well as managing Titan Pacific’s investment property portfolio.

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