Omid Yousofi
Principal Partner, Titan Pacific Group, Inc.

Omid Yousofi

Omid has considerable experience in all things real estate-related and he brings a proven track-record of success representing clients throughout Southern California, with a particular focus on Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles, where he represents buyers and sellers of single-family homes and condos, as well as both new and experienced real estate investors for all types of investment properties ranging from multi-family residential to commercial office buildings, industrial warehouse properties, and raw land with development potential.

Omid's ability to guide his clients toward success throughout such a wide-array of real estate property types stems from his extensive and diverse background and experience, which really does set him apart from other real estate professionals.

He became a licensed Realtor in 2005, but as the son of two veteran SoCal Realtor parents, he grew up immersed in all things real estate-related, so his real estate education effectively began well before then. After he earned his Bachelor of Sciences degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in construction management from the University of Southern California, he went on to earn a Juris Doctorate in Law from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law while simultaneously working as a Realtor.

As a seasoned Realtor and the Principal Partner of the Titan Pacific Group - Real Estate Sales & Investments, Omid is a firm believer in doing what you love, which for him is real estate, where he thrives by applying his legal and technical knowledge to effectively negotiate on behalf of his clients, protecting their interests at every juncture, always ensuring that they are successful whether they're buying, selling, investing, or flipping.

More often than not, when a new client starts working with Omid for the first time, they’ll give him a compliment about how different he is as compared to other realtors they’ve worked with in the past, so if you're ready to buy or sell, make sure to reach out to Omid so you can at least get his input, and when you do, you will undoubtably understand why Omid (and Titan Pacific’s) motto is "Expect more from your Realtor!"